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About Us

               Our Team.

Our team is living proof that despite our individual differences, we can unite and create something that honors our shared humanity. Our success is fueled by our diversity, which serves as a reminder that we are all human at our core.

Lourdes Osborne

Hi, I'm Lourdes T. Osborne, and my life mission is to connect with the beauty of the world and help others see and appreciate the beauty within themselves. with a profound love for the arts and deep appreciation for the genius of creation, I am constantly in awe of the world around us.

My passion extends beyond the arts to a fascination with the marvels of the modern science with the rapid advancement of modernization. The way these elements intertwine to shape our experience is nothing short of extra ordinary, and it inspires me to explore and understand more each day.

I firmly believe that there is an inherent beauty within each of us, a reflection of the divine creativity that crafted our universe. My goal is to help others recognize and embrace this inner beauty, fostering a sense of love, appreciation, and connection in their lives 

Through my work and this website, I hope to share my insight, creative expressions, and the wonders I see in the world. I aim to inspire and encourage you to see the beauty in yourself and the world spreading love and positivity wherever you go.

Let's embark on this journey together appreciating the miraculous and the modern, and nurturing the love that binds us. Feel free to reach out at I'm excited to share this beautiful adventure with you.  







My name is Editha Ladlee

Community Advocate and Information Specialist

With the unwavering passion for helping others, I am a dedicated advocate 

for providing essential services and relevant information to improve the

wellbeing of individuals and the community. Spanning a career marked by

a commitment to making the world's information accessible and useful, I 

believe in the transformative power of ideas to change attitudes, enrich

lives, and create a better everyday reality for countless people.

Professional Philosophy:

Driven by a deep-seated belief in optimism and happiness, I strives to

refresh the world, inspiring moments that uplift and bring joy. Their

mission is not about disseminating information but about organizing

it in a way that makes it instantly accessible and valuable to everyone 

it touches. This, in turn, cultivates informed communities and fosters

meaningful connections.

Core Values:

. Optimism and Happiness: Encouraging community members and

  colleagues alike to embrace positivity and hope.

. Love and Compassion: Treating everyone with utmost respect and

  kindness, understanding that empasize at the core of meaningful


Accessibility and Utility: Ensuring that essential information is readily

available and practical for everyday use, enhancing life's quality.

Impact and Vision:

Let's come together to inspire moments of optimism and happiness,

to create value, and to make a distinct difference in the community.

By transforming the way, we treat each other-with love and compassion.

I envision a world where every individual wellbeing is significantly

improved, and communities thrive in harmony.

I continue to lead initiatives that refresh and inspire, making a profound

impact on everyday living for many. Though passion-driven service, they

are reshaping the world, one positive moment at a time.



Editha Ladlee
Team Member/Secretary







My name is Fe Burlingame, a proud resident of Pennsylvania, originally from the Philippines.

Growing up on the farm was a tough but enriching experience. As young girl, I always wish to

help in any way I could. At the age of 4th grader, we moved to my grandma's place, which was

closer to the city. It was there that I began selling fish, shells, and goodies, and even selling

shopping bags to the fish market, to support my family.

I firmly believe that hard work leads to success and that education plays a crucial role in this

journey. Ideas, motivation, and passion are the driving forces that transform dreams into reality.

To stand out and shine we must remain open to every opportunity that comes our way.

I am dedicated to working hard for my family and community, helping in any way I can.

I also believe that our creator endowed each of us with unique ideas, skills, and talents,

all with specific purpose in life. as i pursue my path, I am fortunate to work alongside my team,

sharing our talents and giving back the credit to our Creator. Together we aim to fulfill our

purposes and contribute meaningfully to the world.


Fe Burlingame
Team member/Treasurer

Musician in the Desert

Meet Our Mentor/Singer and song writer of the Unknown Author

Michael Rainwood inspirational music and merchandise

Michael Rainwood is a seasoned songwriter who has touched the hearts of many with his inspirational music over the years. His journey in the world of song writing has been marked by a deep passion for using his talent to spread a powerful message.

One of Michael's most notable works is the song "Unknown Author", which he wrote in just 4 hours, inspired directly by the Creator. This song stands out as a significant piece in his repertoire, as it beautifully narrates the incredible works of great God. The "Unknown Author" has resonated with people all over, highlighting the magnificence and glory of God's creation.

Michael's purpose extends beyond creating music; he aims to spread the knowledge of the Creator's power and existence to every corner of the world. Through his songs, he encourages listeners to open their eyes and truly see the wonders of God's creation. Michael Rainwood believes that every melody and lyrics he writes a testament to the divine inspiration he receives, aiming to touch souls and bring them closer to an awareness of God's omnipresence.

As he continues his journey, Michael remains dedicated to his mission - to use his gift of song writing to inspire faith, hope, and an acknowledgement of the creator's undeniable presence in our lives. His music serves as a reminder that God's magnificent work surrounds us, and through his songs, Michael Rainwood continues to make a meaningful impact on the world.


We believe we were all born to this world for a reason we believe the eternal God is directing  our way. We believe you are suppose to be reading this right now.

Our organization looks  at this world and see’s  the fragments of the beautiful planet, We see all people as Gods children no matter what  religion  you are part of, Let us take you on a journey of discovery where the unknown is known.

Stationary photo

Let’s Work Together walk with us on the  journey ,spreading the  word that God lives ,and we are one human family, So drop the stone and watch the ripples of love spread.

Michael Rainwood Enterprises LLC

228 Park Ave S NUM 114514 New York, NY 10003

Tel: 984-322-0413

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